[OSM-dev] Trying to run OSM.org locally

Robin Rattay rotora at gmx.net
Wed Sep 5 15:59:17 BST 2007

On Wed, 05 Sep 2007 16:11:30 +0200, spaetz wrote:
> Do note that the JavaScript part on the web page is simply from
> OpenLayers displaying map tiles which are stored as png files. YOu won't
> need any local ruby installation (API etc) to test that. Of course ruby
> takes care of users' diaries and other stuff, but OpenLayers is not
> concerned at all with all the background stuff.

Yes, I realize that, but most changes would mainly affect the Rails 
templates and less the actual JavaScript. 

And Slippy/OpenLayers isn't the only JavaScript. The name search uses 
AJAX for which I hope to implement a server side alternative - once I get 
the hang of Rails.


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