[OSM-dev] Planet Dump Timings

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Sun Sep 9 12:41:24 BST 2007

Brett Henderson wrote:
> These examples are from my local database which contains full production 
> data for the node/segment/way tables (minus user information) as of a 
> month or so ago.  But between the production dump and the import process 
> something may have been broken.  I've just retrieved an area from the 
> api containing the node, I'll import the resultant osm file into a new 
> db and dump it again.  Hopefully that will resolve the issue.
I downloaded the node from the api using osmosis and wrote it to an osm 
I imported that osm file into an empty db schema.
I dumped the complete db schema (with the tiny data set) using osmosis 
to a new osm file.
I loaded the file using JOSM and compared it to data retrieved direct 
from the api.
The name value on node 78270 was identical for both.

The name value is now "Kronprinsesse Märthas allé" which looks correct 
to me.

So the good news is that I'm almost positive osmosis doing the "right 
thing".  The differences between planet.rb and osmosis when dumping my 
local db were hopefully just due to different handling of dodgy data in 
my db.  The both appear to do the right thing with correct data.

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