[OSM-dev] API 0.5 is on the way

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Sep 11 10:45:35 BST 2007


> Indeed, I was wondering if these requests were also implemented:
> api/0.5/relation/xxx/history
> api/0.5/node/xxx/relations   (get relations node is in)
> api/0.5/way/xxx/relations   (get relations way is in)
> api/0.5/relation/xxx/relations   (get relations relation is in)

Currently relations are implemented exactly like ways in terms of  
available calls; so the first one will work, the others won't. But I  
like the idea, and the indexes are there anyway so I think I'll  
implement the others as well.

As for Bart's criticism - I had thought that the example on the wiki  
page was sufficient to illustrate the change in the way XML (it is  
really not complicated - just "nd ref=..." instead of "seg id=...",  
pointing to nodes instead of segments - what else is there to say?).  
I'll happily provide a DTD or XML schema for you but to be honest,  
you would be the first programmer I know who would prefer those over  
an example!

The reason I removed the chapter about API call details is that it is  
very long and 95% of it is about stuff that is there with API 0.4  
already, so I felt it would confuse people; I opted for a description  
of what has changed instead of a full description for the time being.


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