[OSM-dev] Sql Server Parser

Ray Booysen raybooysen at rjb.za.net
Fri Sep 14 16:57:21 BST 2007

Hi all

In the hope that there are some .Net developers out there, I've decided 
to let loose my project to parse the planet.osm file.  In a nutshell it 
will parse all nodes, segments and ways with tags into an sql database.  
I've used an XmlTextReader which is an extremely fast forward only xml 
reader which keeps memory usage down to a minimum.  Running it on the 
latest planet, I don't get RAM usage above 8MB throughout the import.

I've created a schema close but not the same as the schema that OSM 
uses.  I've moved tags out of the segments and node tables into their 
own table for better analysis.  If you're interested in developing this 
further or want the code, I can either send it to you although I would 
prefer to stick it in the OSM repository.  If anyone here has the 
ability, I would love to be able to commit.

It is a POC at the moment but works really well and could use another 
pair of eyes on it.


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