[OSM-dev] Unexistant wayed segments in planet?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Sep 16 18:36:44 BST 2007


>    In latest planet (planet-070912.osm), I get a bunch of ways with segments
>    that do not exist. For example, segments with ids 44408190 or 44408195 are
>    in ways 6064842 and 6064843, but the segments do not exist in the planet.
>    If I make the API calls to get the segments, they both exist.
>    So, is this a planet.osm artifact? Is it a race condition while generating
>    the planet?

Yes, exactly. Since the script dumps nodes, then segments, then ways,
any nodes segments created while segments are being dumped will be
missing, as will all segments created while ways are being dumped.

This is esepcially ugly if you don't think about it, import the planet
into your own MySQL database, and start creating new nodes... they
will be assigned IDs that look fresh to your MySQL but there will
actually be segments referring to these IDs already, creating a nice


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