[OSM-dev] TIGER data show OSM getting slower??

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Sep 16 23:37:16 BST 2007


> I don't know if is due to TIGER/AND or what, but over the last few
> weeks, I have found the Quality of Service provided by the API for
> uploading mapping data to be appalling (Using JOSM).

I don't know if this may be a cause but I have, in the past two weeks
or so, started rendering those parts of the world for tiles at home that
hadn't yet been rendered with Osmarender 5. I didn't think that would
put a big strain on the system as there are, as far as I understood,
only a limited number of server threads availalbe for tiles at home
anyway. But I've now stopped that now - any improvement noticeable?


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