[OSM-dev] buulk_uploads use up all CPU on dev...

spaetz osm at sspaeth.de
Mon Sep 17 15:42:08 BST 2007

Hi Dave, Kleptog,

dev's CPU is used up 100%. both your bulk_upload scripts have started using up everything available. So it seems part of your slowness is not the API's slowness, but CPU limitations of dev. Is there a reason why they are so CPU intensive?

Also the t at h processing was running somewhat nice'd but it got stalled by your bulk uploads, leading to no more tile processing. I un-niced the import and the queue is down again, but that's not how I'd prefer it in the long run.

Would you guys care to run your uploads somewhat niced too (say at -n 5)? Plus it's weird that it started using so much CPU, I can't recall it using that much before.

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