[OSM-dev] New Mapnik style for waterway=dock

John McKerrell john at mckerrell.net
Fri Sep 21 09:15:06 BST 2007


Trying to fix up docks so that they look a bit better in mapnik:


I'm not too confident on changing mapnik styles but I'd be interested  
to learn a little more, I'm guessing I can either change the existing  
style for something similar, e.g.:

[landuse] = 'reservoir' or [landuse] = 'water'


[landuse] = 'reservoir' or [landuse] = 'water' or [waterway] = 'dock'

or would it be better to add a whole new Rule, which I guess could be  
a straight copy of the reservoir/lake one? I guess we might not want  
the docks to show up at the same scales but I imagine the same as  
lakes or reservoirs would be fine.

Any thoughts?


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