[OSM-dev] Trial clickable POI layer

Martijn van Oosterhout kleptog at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 19:48:34 BST 2007

On 9/21/07, David Earl <david at frankieandshadow.com> wrote:
> But I really think it does need saving: there must be more than 60,000
> POIs - unless you are only thinking about specific types, maybe. But
> given the HTML is very compact, I think all POIs per tile could be done.

To be honest, lets cross that bridge when we come to it. Until I get
images for other things that raise the number of POIs it's not worth
optimising something that only takes a fraction of a second anyway.

Besides, I wouldn't have a clue how to get openlayers to read HTML
into tile. That's not currently supported. What is supported is icons
with configurable HTML when you click on them...

> Each POI in the HTML could simply be:
>    <div class='C' style='top:Xpx;left:Ypx;'>T</div>
> where C is the object type (class='station','church','school','pub'...,
> or maybe choose c1, c2, ... as names for compactness - so long as they
> correspond to the style sheet, and there is a mapping to hunman readable
> text for the user interface it doesn't matter what they are called) and
> T is any text associated with the POI.

Sounds good. Do you think you can whip up an example stylesheet that I
can replicate?

Have a nice day,
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