[OSM-dev] UTF-8 problem with API 0.5 planet.osm and osmosis 0.16

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Sep 22 10:35:05 BST 2007


> Brett Henderson wrote: 
> But I've tracked the problem down to node 78270.

Thank you for finding that out.

> It looks to me like the 0.5 planet is incorrect, the api is correct, and 
> osmosis is correct.

I suspect that it may just be my MySQL setup on the test server. What
I did was:

* use original planet file, import into MySQL with osmosis
* run 0.5 migrations
* run 0.5 planet generation script on resulting database

Since the planet generation script has not changed as regards nodes,
and since the migrations don't touch nodes either, I suspect that I
must have set up MySQL in a way that somehow mangles the UTF-8
characters on input. It has happened in the past, and I hope you will
let me get away with it... it's going to be right when done on the
main database which is properly set up.


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