[OSM-dev] [patch] JOSM 0.5 smart add node tool

Robert Hart bathterror at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 00:03:11 BST 2007

In the spirit of release early, release often, I am sharing here some
ideas I have been playing with for JOSM.

Basically, I have implemented "object snaps" for the add node tool.
The supported snap types are:

* none
* node
* waysegment
* waysegment intersection
* waysegment mid-point
* waysegment perpendicular point (only if a single node is already selected)

Feedback is provided by changing the cursor to show the snap type.
Snaps are disabled by holding the control key.

The add node tool has been modified to:

* insert a node into the segment if a waysegment-type snap occurs
* select a node if a node snap occurs
* create a new node otherwise.

This makes the "insert node" tool superfluous. It also means the "add
node and connect" tool can do everything that the "connect nodes" tool
can do.

For the time being I've removed the superfluous "insert node" mode,
but left the "connect nodes" tool in place, as they feel slightly
different (drag-vs-multiple clicks), but ideally I'd like to get rid
of it.

It'd be great to get some feedback.

compiled jar at: http://www.bathterror.free-online.co.uk/josm-custom.jar

(note I'm working against the 0.5 branch)


Robert Hart
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