[OSM-dev] Osmosis Subversion Access

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Thu Sep 27 00:12:39 BST 2007

Hi All,

I am currently hosting the osmosis repository, downloads and wiki out of 
the data centre in my lounge room.  In other words it runs on my media 
centre beside the tv.

I did this initially because it was the quickest way to get started and 
it has also allowed me to make a large number of changes to the code 
base over time without affecting others.  However it has reached a point 
where it has stabilised somewhat and I'm less concerned now about others 
getting in and making changes of their own.  I'm also concerned because 
I will be away during half of December and most of February and my PC 
will be turned off.

I'm wondering whether it would be more appropriate to check it in to the 
main OSM subversion repository.  I don't have commit access currently 
but presumably this isn't *too* hard to obtain.  I need to move the wiki 
information from my own wiki to the project wiki anyway so this isn't an 
issue.  And finally I need to find somewhere to host downloads, I'm 
hoping there's space on one of the osm servers to host about 20MB of data.

My main concern is the lack of provisions for tagging projects within 
the repository.  I like to tag each release as I make it to allow me to 
make some unstable changes between releases.  If I create a tag 
structure within an osmosis project it will result in huge downloads for 
everybody keeping a checkout of the entire repository.  The simplest 
solution is to stop tagging each release in the repository and just 
track versions via the build number in the build.xml ant file ...

So two questions:
* Should I check it into the main osm repository?
* How do I get a subversion login?  Do I just email NickH as indicated 
on the wiki?


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