[OSM-dev] extract_polygon_0.5.pl bugs

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Fri Sep 28 02:22:54 BST 2007

James Marca wrote:
> My solution is if the ids are negative, add the (negative) nodeid,
> wayid, and relid to the maxnodes, maxways and maxrelations variables
> (so that they aren't greater than the max size, and so that there can
> also be positive ids).  I'll try to extract a patch, but the approach
> presumes that ids are numbered sequentially, etc. so it isn't foolproof.
I might be missing something but wouldn't it be simpler to put the 
negative identifiers in a separate Bit::Vector.  Osmosis has the same 
negative id problem (which I didn't realise was a problem until your 
email) and that's how I think I'll fix it.

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