[OSM-dev] Addressable maps & updated URL?

Christophe Cattelain xof at skynet.be
Fri Sep 28 07:11:41 BST 2007


This is my first post; I hope it is not off-topic...

OpenStreetMap is 'addressable', I can use :


But, when I move the map, the URL is not updated the way
http://wikimapia.org does it.

However, it is easy to implement, one just has to change 'location.href'
on a 'moveend' event...
Something like


Notice the '#' in place of the '?' in the URL; otherwise, the page is
(automaticaly) reloaded!

I hope that this is the place to suggest this very usefull (and easy to
implement) modification...

Liege, Belgium
There is a working example (with the GoogleMaps API) on


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