[OSM-dev] Empty Keys, possible planet.c problem?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Sep 30 11:59:30 BST 2007


   the excerpts below are from the latest (070928) planet file (I
grepped for the string 'tag k=""').

If you verify them against the API you will find that some of these
empty keys are genuine, and thus may point to Potlatch and JOSM
problems (I don't suppose they should allow uploadig empty keys). 

But most of the empty keys are "phantom" empty keys. For example the
very first one in the list, node 649737, does not have any tags when
retrieved from the API, and according to history never had any!

I assume that this *might* be a planet.c problem since it is my
understanding that this is the first planet file to be generated that
way, but I haven't looked at the planet.c source (and any systemic
problem would probably show up much more often than the handful of
instances I have found...)


  <node id="649737" lat="-36.1725469" lon="175.3964968" timestamp="2006-03-24T18:47:06+00:00">
    <tag k="" v="" />
  <node id="36126209" lat="46.5204193" lon="15.5946868" timestamp="2007-08-25T20:44:36+01:00">
    <tag k="created_by" v="JOSM" />
    <tag k="name" v="Koča Luka" />
    <tag k="" v="" />
  <node id="46458531" lat="66.3878479" lon="12.8068608" timestamp="2007-09-08T10:03:49+01:00">
    <tag k="" v="undefined" />
  <segment id="151997" from="195852" to="195420" timestamp="2006-02-22T08:42:34+00:00">
    <tag k="class" v="residential" />
    <tag k="" v="" />
  <segment id="261842" from="304180" to="304181" timestamp="2005-12-10T14:06:14+00:00">
    <tag k="" v="" />
  <way id="5174186" timestamp="2007-08-25T03:28:39+01:00">
    <seg id="31863910" />
    <tag k="aeroway" v="taxiway" />
    <tag k="created_by" v="Potlatch alpha" />
    <tag k="" v="" />
  <way id="5192218" timestamp="2007-08-26T10:03:15+01:00">
    <seg id="32142058" />
    <seg id="32142059" />
    <seg id="32142060" />
    <seg id="32142061" />
    <seg id="32142062" />
    <tag k="" v="delete this" />
    <tag k="created_by" v="Potlatch alpha" />
    <tag k="natural" v="water" />
  <way id="5364320" timestamp="2007-09-02T01:26:57+01:00">
    <seg id="34429860" />
    <seg id="34429861" />
    <seg id="34429862" />
    <seg id="34429863" />
    <seg id="34429864" />
    <seg id="34429865" />
    <seg id="34429866" />
    <seg id="34429867" />
    <seg id="34429868" />
    <seg id="34429869" />
    <seg id="34429870" />
    <seg id="34429871" />
    <seg id="34429872" />
    <tag k="" v="" />
    <tag k="name" v="A4146" />
    <tag k="created_by" v="Potlatch alpha" />
    <tag k="highway" v="secondary" />
    <tag k="oneway" v="-1" />
  <way id="6116772" timestamp="2007-09-13T14:02:32+01:00">
    <seg id="45557929" />
    <seg id="45557933" />
    <tag k="" v="Schlöglgasse" />
    <tag k="created_by" v="JOSM" />
    <tag k="highway" v="residential" />

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