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The closest thing I see in the GSoc list is the Change Monitoring project


One monitoring channel should be a GeoRSS feed of changes -- whether within a bbox, or nodes tagged in particular way, or any changes within a bbox exempting friends.

And just because there isn't a specific listed project in an area you're interested in, you are still free to spec out a new project. We'll be considering applications on their own merits.


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Thanks for the links.
But are there any projects ideas for Gsoc 2008 regarding GeoRSS?


Iván Sánchez Ortega schreef:
El Jueves, 3 de Abril de 2008, Thinesh thusinthaka escribió:
I am interested in GeoRSS work.Is there some work going on in it here?

There was some work on it:


It seems stalled, so you might want to grab a SVN client and see if the logs show up any more information, or just download it and have a look at the source.



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