[OSM-dev] Altitude data & (cycle) route profiles

Sjors Provoost sjors at sprovoost.nl
Sat Apr 5 17:53:45 BST 2008

Hello everyone,

Thank you for all the feedback and discussion about my proposal. It
seems clear to me that I should consider several approaches for
incorporating altitude data. It also became clear to me that using the
GPS data is probably not a good idea. I have made several changes to
my proposal. This is the new summary:

My core objectives / deliverables are:
1 - import SRTM data for Australia
2 - estimate the altitude of each node (point) in Australia from the
neighboring SRTM points
3 - add extra nodes along long ways with few far-between nodes
4 - try and compare alternatives for 2 & 3.
5 - display (on the fly) an altitude profile given a route (a sequence of nodes)
6 - investigate methods to visualize and edit altitude data

Secondary goals, if time permits:
* apply to the whole planet
* update editors to display and edit altitude data
* update render tool to show when roads do not intersect at equal hight

I have removed the GPS part of my proposal and will use that time in
stead to consider the effect, problems and possibilities of altitude
data in more parts of the OSM system than just the database. I also
have more space to work on different approaches, in stead of just one.
We can then have the discussion which one is best.

Please let me know how you think about this version and if should make
some more changes this weekend.

Kind regards,


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