[OSM-dev] [OSM-legal-talk] [OSM-talk] GSoC applications are in! MENTORS wanted

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Wed Apr 9 11:35:26 BST 2008

On 8 Apr 2008, at 17:23, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi,
>> What?  Geonames allows you to move and edit data which is overlaid
>> onto a Google Map.  Go to http://www.geonames.org/maps/cities.html  
>> and
>> click on a city.
> You're right, there's a "move" link there which I had overlooked.
> Nonetheless, apart from the geo location of the city I get tons of  
> other
> info that could not possibly come from Google...
>>> I understand a certain desire to say "we are cooler than <other  
>>> mapping
>>> project>" but we should make an attempt to do so without slander.  
>>> As you
>>> know there are ways and tools to create OSM data that is derived  
>>> from Google
>>> Earth or Google Maps,
>> Like what?  No-one should be entering data into OSM that is derived
>> from a proprietary source.
> I know that nobody should, and I won't give you a run-down of ways for
> people to do it nonetheless. I'm just saying that if someone was  
> bent on
> demonstrating how easy Google data could find its way into OSM, then  
> he
> wouldn't have to work very hard.






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