[OSM-dev] GSOC application /OSM/ Improved GPS workflow with JOSM

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Fri Apr 11 16:37:05 BST 2008

Tom Hughes wrote:

> Well RichardF apparently found it useful enough to knock up a
> kludgy solution on dev to do it for him...

What he said. :)

The reason I did said kludge is for a project in which a bunch of  
primary schools are doing some mapping. NaviGPSs save their tracklogs  
in NMEA, and it's by no means a given that your average primary  
school ICT co-ordinator will a) know how to install gpsbabel, or b)  
be allowed to install gpsbabel (the computers were probably set up  
seven years ago with a restrictive access policy by a useless local  
PC consultancy that has since reinvented itself as PHP-Sites-R-Us and  
had a complete change of staff). And, frankly, nor should they have to.


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