[OSM-dev] Mapnik dist-upgrade broke my rendering

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Apr 12 21:44:38 BST 2008


> The mapnik SVN tree has been broken for OSM rendering for a little
> while. Tom just committed a fix today which resolves this problem[1].

Well it made my problem a little bit different - The numbers drawn
along the street axis are now integers and not floats it seems:


But broken it is still. 

Could anybody with a current, working Mapnik setup try the following
Python script for me and tell me if they get the same as above, or
something different? (I use the osm.xml map file from the OSM SVN
tree, modified only the db access parameters, and I have a plain
postgresql into which I imported data using osm2pgsql without extra

If it works for everyone else then there must be a bug in my setup...
if others also get the strange result then the problem must be
somewhere in the map file or data structure... Mapnik itself does
work, at least the rundemo.py does the right thing.


from mapnik import *
import sys, os

if __name__ == "__main__":
        mapfile = os.environ['MAPNIK_MAP_FILE']
    except KeyError:
        mapfile = "osm.xml"
    map_uri = "karlsruhe.png"
    ll = (8.4, 49.00, 8.43, 49.03)
    imgx = 1000
    imgy = 1100

    m = Map(imgx,imgy)
    prj = Projection("+proj=merc +datum=WGS84")
    c0 = prj.forward(Coord(ll[0],ll[1]))
    c1 = prj.forward(Coord(ll[2],ll[3]))
    bbox = Envelope(c0.x,c0.y,c1.x,c1.y)
    im = Image(imgx,imgy)
    render(m, im)
    view = im.view(0,0,imgx,imgy) # x,y,width,height

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