[OSM-dev] support for osm2pgsql with relation type=route

ivom ivo.vdmaagdenberg at pandora.be
Sun Apr 13 09:42:00 BST 2008


I was wondering when route relations are processed with osm2pgsql. In the 
current svn tree I can see that there has been some effort in adding 
polygons but the code has been functionally disabled. Does not work well?

Is there someone who can tell about near-future support for relations with 
type=route? There seem to be at least 2 public sites that are able to 
process relations successfully. Where is that code? :)

I ask because I would like to set up some system to do quality checking at 
home to post-process my route relations, without having to wait for the 
online world to update (turnaround time > 2 days).

Kind regards,

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