[OSM-dev] GSOC application /OSM/ Improved GPS workflow with JOSM

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Apr 13 20:57:44 BST 2008


> so there are issues with server side implementation of gpsbabel , but
> since it is necessary to install gpsbabel on client side , it will be
> good to let josm do the handling.(as i have mentioned in my previous
> post)

Well if you have a way of getting the tracks out of your GPS, and if
the server accepts the data format they're in, then you don't strictly
need gpsbabel client-side (since you could upload whatever raw file
you get from your GPS and let server-side gpsbabel handle it) - this
would of course make it impossible to post-process the file that comes
from the GPS in JOSM before it goes to the server.

I think server-side track processing is a nice-to-have for some
applications but I suggest that you don't let this distract you. You
want to make track handling in JOSM easier - people who make use of
some server-side track conversion because they cannot install or handle
local software are unlikely to be JOSM users, so that shouldn't
concern you.


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