[OSM-dev] map projection and scale distortion

Raghu Ram raghuram.nadiminti at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 16:51:39 BST 2008

 I see that the map projection being used by mapnik slippy map is the one
that google uses too. Google maps has this dynamic scale bar where as OSM
doesn't have any. Is it the case that the osm projection is different and
doesn't have scale distortion? Also I see that Mapnik osm.xml (style sheet)
filters on the basis of scale denominators. But assuming that the projection
suffers some scale distortion how could one ensure that the same style is
applied all over the world at a particular zoom level. I am trying to
develop a WMS SLD ( projection is EPSG:4326 ) and facing issues with scale
denominators and zoom levels. Please help me out how OSM handles this issue.
Thank You
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