[OSM-dev] [Mapnik-devel] font comparison tool

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Sat Apr 19 10:20:52 BST 2008

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          Bernhard Zwischenbrugger <bz at datenkueche.com> wrote:

> mapnik has the problem that there is no font fallback implemented.


> SVG in Firefox 2.0 has the same problem.
> This gives the possibility to compare fonts using firefox.
> I made a small script that generates utf-8 characters:
> http://jabberworld.org/font/
> You can browse using the red forward, backward buttons.
> source code:
> http://jabberworld.org/font/fonttest.phps
> -----
> The font "code2000" has all the characters that are used at the moment
> in openstreetmap/mapnik.
> PLUS many other fonts like chinese, japanese, thai, khmer, ...
> Font download here:
> http://www.*code2000*.net/
> ----
> If mapnik can use only ONE font I think it should use code2000. The
> fontsize is sometimes a little different - but that's life.

That's very interesting information, but once again you have confused
the mapnik with the OSM implementation of mapnik.

Mapnik will let you use any font you want, but only one font for any
given rendering rule.

So mapnik has not imposed any choice of font on OSM and the question
of which font to use is one for the OSM lists not here, so I'm copying
this to the OSM dev list.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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