[OSM-dev] "See Data", a UI for browsing OSM data in the main map

Martijn Pannevis openstreetmap at panman.nl
Tue Apr 22 17:01:52 BST 2008

Christopher Schmidt wrote:
>>> My project over the weekend and yesterday:
>> I like it!
>> This feels like quite a nice way to allow editing of, for instance,
>> street names by people not otherwise at ease with the more complete
>> editing tools. What do you reckon?
> As I said in the first email:
> """
> Obviously, one of the longer term features of something like this is to
> also allow editing of attributes from an interface like this, but for
> now, I'm looking primarily to target viewing the data.
> """
> Regards,

This sounds interesting, but I guess I missed the beginning of the 
Is there any other email or URL to look at?

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