[OSM-dev] "See Data", a UI for browsing OSM data in the main map

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Tue Apr 22 17:43:51 BST 2008

Christopher Schmidt wrote:

> I've heard a fair amount of positive feedback on a feature like this,
> allowing one to see the data on the map. Obviously, one of the longer
> term features of something like this is to also allow editing of
> attributes from an interface like this, but for now, I'm looking
> primarily to target viewing the data.
> Thoughts?

I like it - being able to "peer into" the data like this should  
encourage people to delve a little deeper, and eventually become  
mappers. It's a handy tool for existing mappers, too, not least the  
easy access to history information.

There's still a little bit of presentational work to do on it (I'd  
like to have a couple of spare hours to play with the code and just  
play with moving things hither and thither), but then isn't that  
always the way?


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