[OSM-dev] all things to all people

Mario Ferraro fadinlight at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 17:54:25 BST 2008

David Earl ha scritto:
> One of the GSOC projects is a 'make me a map' online application, yes? 
> This will have the same load problems presumably, but it could use the 
> same queue, you just get a more customized map at the end.

Hi David and hi to the dev list.

First of all I would like to thank all the community for letting me 
participate with GSoC! I'll do my best for a successful achievement of 
my goals.

Thank you David for your observation. Actually, my application will 
leave all the rendering phase to the client and can load a local OSM 
file, so if the user wants an SVG file, it can be obtained without 
touching the server at all. I think there could be however some issues with:

a) Requests of OSM data to the server. I've already considered osmxapi, 
but there would be some GUI tricks to let the user download the whole 
data needed only when her/his rules file is already set up. A feature I 
thought of (you can see it in my demo/screencast), is about letting a 
user customise its map even to the single street name... obviously more 
users, and more precision => more data requested to server.

b) Requests of SVG->* image conversion. As before, I'll let the user 
asking this conversion only at the very ending of rules set up. However 
if a user wants the conversion with an existent rules file there's not 
much I can do about it. I've tried but couldn't find any 
"all-javascript" SVG->binary conversion at this point.. it's a crazy 
solution, but if I find it, why not :D

However I'll follow this thread for any other solution about it. I'm not 
enough into this kind of internals to do any useful observation.. I'll 
study more in the future :)



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