[OSM-dev] dev server /home diskusage

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Wed Apr 23 10:06:08 BST 2008

Our /home partition on dev is 83% full and I suspect many unneeded data 
linger there.

Here is our /home offender list in kb. Please see if you can delete 
stuff there. I will take the liberty to remove stuff that hasn't been 
touched from more than a year and whose owner don't tell me to leave 
there stuff alone.

13038024 daveh
4185548 steve
4058980 nickb
2509032 dsheldon
1892780 random
1824060 ojw
1559908 bretth
1394368 kleptog
645168  nick
441880  artem
406272  danmoore
177188  mikel
121344  jburgess
80372   erik
76924   nickh
37196   steve8
30988   kae
28276   richard
17380   etienne
10232   spaetz
6704    deelkar
5888    joerg
1660    tomh

On a side note, I have retired some accounts on dev whose owners haven't 
logged in for a year or more. Let me know if you don't need your account 
anymore, I'll do the removing then.

Spring cleaning is fun,

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