[OSM-dev] mod_tile make environment variables

h.kortier at robor.nl h.kortier at robor.nl
Sat Apr 26 16:26:44 BST 2008


I would like to create my own slippy map using mapnik. As  
rendering/caching program I would like make use of apache's mod_tile  

Could someone give some tips how to set the envirionment variabeles  
correctly which has to set in the Makefile.

I'm using the latest stable debian disto with apache2. apsx and apsx2  
are installed in /usr/bin.
Special.mk can be found in "/usr/share/apache2/build/. I suppose to  
fill the correct path in the following lines in Makefile:

-  builddir     = .
-  top_dir:=$(shell /usr/sbin/apxs -q exp_installbuilddir)
-  top_dir:=$(shell /usr/bin/dirname ${top_dir})
-  top_srcdir   = ${top_dir}
-  top_builddir = ${top_dir}

-  include ${top_builddir}/build/special

Kind regards,
henk kortier

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