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Kai Krueger kakrueger at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 17:45:30 BST 2008


Ansari Ghouse wrote:
> Hello,
> We are trying to develop a location based mobile phone application by 
> customizing the functionality of GpsMid. Does someone know how to find 
> the current position of the user in GpsMid.

I am not sure I follow what you mean here. Where do you want to find the 
current position? In the source code? It is stored in the Trace class 
and is passed in from the various available LocationProviders.

> Second,while customizing the application where can we start from either 
> gpsmid src code or osm2gpsmid.

I think this depends a bit on what exactly you want to customize. GpsMid 
uses its own binary format to store the OSM data as efficiently for its 
purposes as possible. Osm2GpsMid is simply a translation program that 
takes some OSM data and a desired area and converts it to the format 
needed by GpsMid. So if your customisation requires information from OSM 
that isn't currently in the GpsMid data format, then you would need to 
adapt both Osm2GpsMid and GpsMid to your needs, otherwise GpsMid should 
be sufficient.

I'd be interested to hear what kind of customisations you have in mind 
though, as you don't really say what you are planning. Perhaps some of 
your needs are already met, as you might be interested to know, that the 
current version of GpsMid (in the GpsMid CVS repository) is now more or 
less customizable with respect to which OSM features you want to have 
displayed and the colours and icons in which it gets rendered. It now 
has an XML style file that describes to Osm2GpsMid which OSM tags are 
relevant and how to display them in GpsMid. With this you should 
hopefully be able to make e.g. a Ski-lift map, or a map of power lines 
if you wish, with out having to touch any source code.

Some of this stuff only got added a few days ago, so it might still be a 
bit flaky and I can't quite promise that everything works yet. ;-)

If you are interested in the details of GpsMid, I suspect the discussion 
would perhaps be more appropriate though for the GpsMid forums over at 
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/gpsmid), where I would be happy to try 
and answer any questions.


> thanks
> Ansari
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