[OSM-dev] osmtools first release - nodeID

Robert (Jamie) Munro rjmunro at arjam.net
Tue Apr 29 00:27:31 BST 2008

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Marcus Wolschon wrote:
| Hendrik Siedelmann schrieb:
| | Nodes can still be identified by their lat/lon coordinates. As nodes
| | are not duplicated in the database this is possible. And routing still
| | needs to find which ways reference a node, so routing from one way to
| | another is still complicated. On the other hand checking if another
| | way uses the same points is fast on a spatial database (I will at some
| | time provide funktions provide routing)
| So the system cannot know the difference between 2 ways sharing the same
| node and 2 ways with 2 nodes that just share the same coordinates?

Does that really happen a lot? Most things I know of pass over / under
each other without both having nodes at the /exact/ point they cross.
Couldn't you fake it by moving each of the nodes a few cm in each
direction (i.e. round the last bit of the 32 bits up or down instead of
down or up). It's unlikely to be the least accurate part of the map...

Robert (Jamie) Munro

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