[OSM-dev] New servers?

Grant Slater openstreetmap at firefishy.com
Wed Aug 6 16:25:41 BST 2008

Gregory wrote:
> And who chose the names?

I'm to blame.

Dragon naming theme was by brief vote: (wiki, irc #osm and irc #osm-de)

- Fuchur  (German spelling of Falkor from Never Ending Story)
- Sarel (Sarel seemonster from Wielie Walie early kids show in ZA, Grant 
- Draco (Latin for Dragon, Discworld)
- Norbert (Harry Potty)
- Idris (Ivor The Engine?)
- Puff (Puff the Magic Dragon, song.)

Server names are internal, being used to simplify administration. Naming 
servers after the task they performed was becoming a pain.
Eg: "db"-old became "tileserv", which become "rails2", a new server 
became "tileserv", which became "tile".

/ Grant (Firefishy)

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