[OSM-dev] Call to mobile developers: OSM binary file format

Roberto Navoni r.navoni at radionav.it
Thu Aug 7 14:55:46 BST 2008

Hi Marcus,
normaly the company as Teleatlas or Navtech  sell their data in some 
public format as shape or GDF , then the data is organized in different 
way , but is not binary data. Is not possible to share this kind of 
technical information because We sign a NDA. But if you have some 
question about the Navigation System  architecture i can reply to you ;)
Roberto Navoni
> Hello Roberto,
> I guess there is no public documentaion on some of the commercial
> formats?
> It would be very interesting to get some input on what
> works and what does not work. See what others have learned to be
> a good architecture.
> Marcus
> On Thu, 07 Aug 2008 14:37:31 +0100, Roberto Navoni <r.navoni at radionav.it> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> my company developed a navigation software , We're actualy using a 
>> professional vendor map ,  in this 4 years of develop we change our 
>> binary format every 3/4 month , because the problem is that the embedded 
>> device , normaly ARM 10 based have a small resurce , small ram memory , 
>> small flash SD card and are not so fast to access the data. So our binay 
>> data is optimized for fast access of data for routing and rendering 
>> purposes.
>> I think that is not so simple define a standard binary format because 
>> every customer are developing their library to access the data , doing 
>> the routing , rendering ecc.
>> So I think that is better working on standardization of  map data  , 
>> quality of the data and routing specification of data.
>> I don't thinks that a binary data is so interesting for developer that 
>> are working on mobile application. Infact normaly they working on 
>> different kind of map Teleatlas ,Navtech ... and also OSM and develop 
>> some plugin importer for their platform. Actualy our company use shape 
>> file as exchange format and are woring to implement an importer for OSM 
>> 0.5 data.
>> Best Regards
>> Roberto Navoni

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