[OSM-dev] JOSM interface for Tagwatch, OSBugs etc.

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Aug 9 21:53:01 BST 2008


>> and when the user clicks the link, his (already running) JOSM instance 
>> will load the area in question. It is smart enough to know when not to 
>> load an area because it's been loaded before, and it can also be 
>> instructed to highlight individual objects in the downloaded area.
> Cool! Feature request: make it possible to pass in a list of
> coordinates, and have JOSM display a "Next" button which moves to the
> next one. This would allow e.g. Tagwatch to have a single link for the
> eight occurrences of "highway=mtorway", which JOSM would then take you
> through.

Difficulty is, Tagwatch doesn't even know or care *where* those 
occurences are. It just generates OSMXapi links "find all occurrences of 
key=value" and OSMXapi then supplies location (for all x occurences in 
one go). So what needs to be done is put an option in JOSM to talk to 
OSMXapi, then make *this* remote-controllable so that Tagwatch could 
have a link "instruct JOSM to load these from Tagwatch".


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