[OSM-dev] Tag Transforms

Dave Stubbs osm.list at randomjunk.co.uk
Tue Aug 12 13:52:58 BST 2008


I've written a new plugin for Osmosis to help in preprocessing OSM data.
The plugin allows you to define a tag transform and apply it to an osm
file. This transform matches tags with regular expressions, and then
lets you manipulate the tags by inserting new ones or altering the
existing ones.

I've put a full description on the wiki here:

skip ahead to the Examples if you get bored.

It's not really had much testing yet, although I've been building some
transforms which I intend to use with the cycle map sometime in the
next couple of weeks.

I'm interested to know how useful people think this is?
(I know I have a use for it at least!)


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