[OSM-dev] Mosques and other features of the Muslim world

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Sun Aug 17 11:38:28 BST 2008

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          Mikel Maron <mikel_maron at yahoo.com> wrote:

> http://westbank.freemap.in/?lat=31.704236&lon=35.205912&zoom=18&layers=B
> Thanks much to Steve Chilton for adding symbology for mosques to mapnik.
> The mappers here are very pleased!
> Did find some problems with the osm.xml checked into SVN. It's referencing
> files in different locations, and has a number of other configuration
> options that aren't generic.

Indeed - the generic one is osm-template.xml which is then processed
by a script to produce an osm.xml customised for your setup.

> Also, discovered that renderd will crash if any of the referenced symbols
> in osm.xml aren't present in the local filesystem.

Well that's probably a mapnik bug.

> What is the best way to install new configuration file, along with all the
> needed symbols?

Run the script in the directory in svn, having first filled in the
correct paths for your setup.

> Also, there are other improvements needed for the Muslim world. For
> instance, the symbols for hospitals here are a crescent and a cross, not
> just a cross. Guess it will require an additional tag to specify a muslim
> hospital. If anyone has time to help work on new symbols for our work here
> in the West Bank, the contribution would be very welcome.

Is that really a question of the religion of the hospital? or of the
person that makes the map? Would a map in a Muslin country have some
hosptials marked in one way and some in another? or is it that a map
produced in a Christain country uses one symbol and map produced in
a Muslin country a different symbol?

In other words is tagging the hospital the right solution or is it
just that you need to use a different stylesheet when rendering the
map in a Muslim country regardless of the location of the hospital?


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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