[OSM-dev] Daily Diff parsing - tile expiring

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Aug 21 00:42:53 BST 2008


> I think that adding the Lat/Lon tag to node references in the ways is not an 
> option since it would require a huge amount of queries on the database when 
> creating the diffs. The positive side of this would that it would only have 
> to be done once.

If you are happy with supporting only zoom level 16 granularity, you can 
store the tile x and tile y coordinates for each node, that's only 4 
bytes per node.

If you create a file that contains four bytes for every node, indexed 
simply by node id (node #1 x at file position 0, node #1 y at 2, node #2 
x at 4 etc.), then your file will have about 1.2 Gig for the current 
planet. When processing a diff you would simply mmap that file, 
effectively loading into memory and granting very fast access to node 

This wastes some memory because it reserves space for deleted nodes as 
well, but when I last looked the number of "deleted" node ids was about 
20%, and this is an acceptable overhead - otherwise you would have to 
use something like a hashtable to index your node list which would use 
more than that.


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