[OSM-dev] Undeleting ways in Potlatch (was: Straße gelöscht)

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Fri Aug 22 11:33:28 BST 2008

Marc Schütz wrote:

> Can someone familiar with Potlatch look into what happened to way  
> 26468813? This is a way that has been deleted and afterwards  
> undeleted using Potlatch.
> As you can see in the screenshot referenced below, the history  
> shows only two edits. I would have expected at least three (1  
> creation, 1 deletion, 1 undeletion). It seems that the two edits  
> are both undeletions, and the way history before the undeletion has  
> been lost.
> Here is the way's history:
> http://openstreetmap.org/browse/way/26468813/history

Nothing amiss (I'm guessing), just some way splitting involved.

Way 26468813 may look like a new way, but I'd guess it was actually  
formed when an older way was split. That'll be where the  
"history=Retrieved from v4" tag in the first revision comes from.

It would be good to agree a tagging system for when a way is split/ 
joined, to provide some way to reconstruct history in cases like this.

As a side-issue, I'm guessing user BeKri used the revert function  
here to abandon _unsaved_ changes. Nothing really wrong with that,  
but Potlatch should probably be smart enough not to write a new  
revision in such cases, even though that's ostensibly what the user  
has asked for. I'll fix that in a future version.


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