[OSM-dev] Request for UK address lists for postcode extraction

Brian Quinion openstreetmap at brian.quinion.co.uk
Mon Dec 1 14:11:04 GMT 2008


I'm currently doing some work trying to generate postcode location
data for the UK using address lists and address lookup using OSM data
to supplement NPE.  So far it seems to work quite well with the
address lists that I have available to me (and coping quite well with
ambiguous road names) but I'm limited in my data sources and most of
the address data is fairly consistent in both format and quality.

So, before I open the interface to the public, I'd like to test the
code with some lists provided by other people.

Does anyone have, or know of, any address lists that I would be able
to use for this purpose?  Obviously it needs to be license compatible
with OSM (so please no lists generated from royal mail postcode data!)
and ideally I'm after data sets containing at least:

street address (house name / number optional)
town / city

formatted as CSV or TSV.  I'm specifically not after data containing
the names of individuals.

Has anyone got any suggestions, or is willing to offer any data?  Even
personal address books would be useful for testing...


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