[OSM-dev] Cutting the planet into tiles

Ben Supnik bsupnik at xsquawkbox.net
Thu Dec 4 23:18:57 GMT 2008


Andras and I were looking at cutting the OSM planet file into 1x1 degree 
tiles (including at least enough nodes outside the tile to correctly 
"chop" a way at the tile boundary).

I think I have an algorithm that can do this in four passes over the 
planet file on a 32-bit machine, using perhaps 2-3 GB of RAM.

Before I go forward...am I reinventing the wheel?  I know that osmosis 
can do this kind of thing, but my understanding is that it extracts a 
finite number of "streams" from the data...we actually want to take all 
of the data and split it into 64800 parts.

If no one has something like this and I can get it working, I'll post 
the code somewhere. :-)

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