[OSM-dev] Name tag for amenity=bank and amenity=atm

Maarten Deen mdeen at xs4all.nl
Fri Dec 5 11:16:49 GMT 2008

I've added some comments on the amenity=atm and amenity=bank tags.
For amenity=atm, operator is chosen to add information who the ATM
belongs to. For amenity=bank, no key is chosen for this, but I
think something needs to be decided.

Mapnik does not render name for bank or atm. Osmarender renders
name for bank, but does not render operator.
I would think operator and name are usually the same. Any examples
of cases where this is not so?
I would like to document it so that the Name Finder will find the
node if you search for it. I would think that it searches for the
name key and not for the operator key.

Any comments?



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