[OSM-dev] Any tile statistics (unique visitors)

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Sun Dec 7 14:51:53 GMT 2008

Armijn Hemel wrote:
> That's great to hear. Please read the CBP publications:
> http://www.cbpweb.nl/downloads_rs/rs_20071211_persoonsgegevens_op_internet_definitief.pdf
> page 12, section 'IP-adres'

Lets say, in this 'subtext' they write exactly the problem. "Can be 
correlated by the internet provider". And this will give a lead to the 
bill payer.

Now directly under this piece of text is written the 'thought 26'. Which 
they have used in both writing to questions to me about 'profile site 
identification and direct marketing' (January 2008) and 'identification 
based on postalcodes' (July 2008).

But thanks for pointing me at their own sources, I stand corrected, more 
interesting if this is the current opinion, my claim first claim to them 
is valid :) and they have wrongly applied their own rules.


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