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Stefan Baebler stefan.baebler at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 12:19:09 GMT 2008

Some nodes have altitiude (or alt) tag if the altitude is well known
(mountain peaks etc) as vertical precision of GPS is so inaccurate.

You can convert srtm data into OSM vector contours with

A general page about visualizing relief (including other techniques,
such as shading etc):

hope it helps,

Philip Fitzsimons wrote:
> Hi,
> In terms of altitude information, am I correct in thinking that integrating the SRTM data (http://www2.jpl.nasa.gov/srtm/) is the
> accepted approach to creating altitude based maps?
> I have seen key="altitude" in some of the OSM data, but not comprehensively. Is there a SRTM enhanced version of the OSM data? or an
> XML version of the SRTM data?
> I'm using it to create vector based maps (http://blog.figmentengine.com/search/label/OpenStreetMap) in silverlight and just wanted
> to know what was the "accepted" way to incorporate altitude information.
> Thanks in advance
> Philip
> (Figment Engine)
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