[OSM-dev] OpenLayers problem with latitude and longitude placement

Andreas Titz erddaten at fahrrad.streckenfun.de
Sun Dec 7 22:50:34 GMT 2008

Maarten Deen wrote:
> Thomas Wood wrote:
>>The maxResolution option on the Map object is currently not doing
>>anything at a guess, this is what is causing the vectors to disappear
>>at >z13
> I've found out that the length of the vectors is affecting at which zoomlevels 
> they disappear. The longer they are, the sooner they disappear. So it must be 
> some kind of bug.

It seems to be a clipping problem. If you zoom to the end of such a 
line, it will be visible even at zoom 18:

I guess, if you zoom to the center of the line, the endpoints are too 
far away. In that case OL assumes, that the line won't clip the actually 
shown map.

HTH, Andreas

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