[OSM-dev] surveillance cams not shown in any render

Eddy Petrișor eddy.petrisor at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 19:30:40 GMT 2008


(I have looked through the wiki and I couldn't find info that covers
this, but I might have missed it. I apologise in advance, if I am
talking about an already solved issue.)

I have recently* added some man_made="surveillance" points[1] on the
map where I observed traffic surveillance cameras on the route from
Alexandria, Romania to Bucuresti, Romania. These camera are not
security cameras, but traffic surveillance cameras, so they are
relevant for the maps made for car navigation since a sppeding car
that goes through those cameras would be fined a ticket automatically
and get the ticket at home.

I have been waiting for these cameras to show up on the map for quite
some time, but I haven't seen any move neither on Mapnik nor on
Osmarender. Are surveillance cameras rendered at all?

Taking into account that these cameras are not security cameras, but
they are related to traffic, wouldn't it make more sense to mark them
differently from regular survellance cams?

I am thinking something that:
- having another value for highway would lead to conflicts when an
intersection with traffic signals _and_ a surveillance camera
- such cases as my own might already exist in other parts of the world
and they might be in the same shape as my own

So I am thinking that it doesn't make sense to change the tagging
radically, but the change should be less intrusive.
Either an extra tag should be added to mark such special cases or to
add another possible value for the man_made tag.

Solution 1: add an extra tag traffic which can be "yes" for such cameras

Solution 2: new value for man_made:  man_made="traffic_surveillance"
for such cameras

I tend to favour the second solution because it would make filtering
from planet more straight forward for a map used for navigation.

What do you think.

*  still, more than a week ago

[1] http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/node/316457212/history
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