[OSM-dev] surveillance cams not shown in any render

Eddy Petrișor eddy.petrisor at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 13:03:44 GMT 2008

2008/12/11 Shaun McDonald <shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk>:
> On 11 Dec 2008, at 19:48, Ulf Lamping wrote:
>> Eddy Petrișor schrieb:
>>> Solution 1: add an extra tag traffic which can be "yes" for such cameras
>>> Solution 2: new value for man_made:  man_made="traffic_surveillance"
>>> for such cameras
>> Solution 3: Use highway=speed_camera which is already used ~500 times
>> and also will show up at least in JOSM.
> Real solution: use a custom rendering of the map data:
> http://osm.vdska.de/

Why would I prefer to use a custom rendering instead of clarifying the
tags, usage and quirks and push for rendering support in Mapnik and

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