[OSM-dev] surveillance cams not shown in any render

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at googlemail.com
Sat Dec 13 00:25:16 GMT 2008

Andy Allan schrieb:
> Every map is a limited selection of features, and it's up to each map
> author to decide what they think is important to their own map. Any
> map attempting to show everything would just look terrible!

Well, not every map is intended to be looking nicely!

For example, my intention of the mappaint display in JOSM is to be 
editable (and to some degree "feature complete" - whatever that means in 
the OSM context), but not to be looking nicely.

JOSM's map display is trying to be be helpful for the editor to work 
"with the living map" (obviously, with the current limitation of 
developer effort and performance issues).

I would *love* to see a slippy map that is trying to display as much 
features as possible, probably at the highest zoom level - and not 
really caring to be looking nice.

For example I often see OpenStreetBug entries like: "the name xy doesn't 
appear on the map", simply because the current maps trying to be looking 
nice - and removing overlapping labels of restaurants or so.

I often also here: "It doesn't appear on the map - I must have done 
something wrong" (beside right vs. wrong tagging discussions). Having a 
sort of "debug map" that displays everything that's possible probably 
will help lot's of people in their mapping effort. It would be enough to 
have that "debug feature" on the highest possible zoom level (z18) ...

Having said all that, why not simply having one map trying to be looking 
nicely (mapnik) and one map (osmarender) to have a "debug view" on the 
highest zoom level to really help mappers all around the world?

Regards, ULFL

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