[OSM-dev] debug map

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Dec 13 11:21:56 GMT 2008


Ulf Lamping wrote:
> Having a 
> sort of "debug map" that displays everything that's possible probably 
> will help lot's of people in their mapping effort. It would be enough to 
> have that "debug feature" on the highest possible zoom level (z18) ...

Actually, it would be even nicer to have indications of features on the 
higher zoom levels as well.

Like in many professional tourist maps, where on a low-detail zoom level 
you will basically see *one* pub symbol and *one* camping symbol next to 
the city name, telling you that there is at least one of these POIs 
there, and if you zoom in (or look at the detail map on the reverse side 
or whatever), you get to see where they are exactly.

Same with road names; a debug map should have a visual distinction 
between "there is something here but not enough space to display it" and 
"there is nothing here".

That's one thing I like about tiles at home versus Mapnik - on a planet or 
continent scale, the t at h map has an indication of "there is something 
there", something that the Mapnik map doesn't offer.

But then again, the existence of such a debug map will not keep people 
from complaining that their data does not appear on "the map" ;-)


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