[OSM-dev] Complete tileset - experiments with tile sizes and disk space

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Mon Dec 22 14:23:03 GMT 2008

Bill Magee wrote:
> Anyway, as I say, I'm new to OSM so this might be discussions you've 
> already had - if so my apologies.

In NL we have implemented a High Performance on demand rendering and 
caching server and were experimenting with different tile sizes (and 
specially layer sizes!) Currently we do a color reduction (requires less 
bits), in this way the tiles get smaller so the active area the tile 
represents can be increased. I agree with your optimisation 'just under 
blocksize'. But dense tiles increase in size rapidly.

If you want to take a peak: http://tile.openstreet.nl/

I think deduplication could be another interesting method to reduce the 
amount of tiles.


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