[OSM-dev] [PATCH] for mod_tile, adds config file support and support for multiple tile sets

Brian Quinion openstreetmap at brian.quinion.co.uk
Thu Dec 25 22:12:32 GMT 2008


The patch is too large for the mailing list, so you can instead
download it here: http://osm.sjjb.co.uk/mod_tile_ini.diff

This patch adds various extra options to mod_tile:

- Support for multiple named mapnik/tile configurations

- Extra apache directives, e.g.:

  AddTileConfig /uri/ ConfigName
  AddTileConfig /osm/ Postcode
  LoadTileConfig /etc/renderd.conf

- Config file support (by default /etc/renderd.conf) of the format:



- Changes so mod_tile only effects a specific apache virtual host (the
one where the Add/LoadTileConfig directive is used)

- Removed the requirement for the meta tiles directory to be in the
web root, moved by default to /var/lib/mod_tile/

As a side effect of these changes the protocol version is moved up to
2 and an extra level of hierarchy is introduced into the HASH_PATH for
the name of the mapnik xml file.  To preserve the existing meta files
they need to be manually moved to the new folder structure by creating
a 'Default' folder and moving the files into it.

I've tested this but could easily have missed something.

If people are happy with these changes I will happily commit them to
svn but it's quite a significant change!

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